Every Other Day Diet On Behalf Of Every Dieter

The Every Other Day Diet means that you have one day of eating normally and the one day of eating light. The day where you eat light consists of 300-400 calories. Created by Dr. John Daugirdas, it was meant to help with weight loss but not feel like they are being deprived.

The diet has not been thoroughly studied and is not okay for people with, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, eating disorders, hypertension or strokes.

Eating normally every other day is believed to assist dieters in avoiding their metabolism decreasing which often happens with low calorie diets.

Eat a big breakfast on normal days; but, do not eat after 7pm. Restrict the amount of sweets eaten and choose healthy foods. Do not eat too much.

On average, a man should consume around’00-2400 calories a day. 1200-1800 is recommended for women. Remember that your age and how active you are will also factor in to your caloric intake.

Just because you want to lose weight does not mean that you have to deprive yourself or starve. Understand that our body’s process fats and calories for certain needs. They are fuel that we need and that exist in all food. Getting rid of fat completely is impossible to do.

Diets that want you to stay away from fatty foods lead you to believe that eating this food period will hinder your goal to lose weight. So, you put on an act of not liking this food at the beginning. Eventually, you have a craving and satisfy it. Then you feel guilty because you think you have now hurt your chances of losing weight.

This belief is false. If you do not satisfy the need for the foods occasionally, you will fail. With the Every Other Day Diet, you get to eat this food and feel satisfied. Planned Variance is the eating plan. You have days that are burn days where high protein, low calorie foods and a set amount of carbs can be eaten. Then the other days, feed days, eat what you want. Use reason on these days. The diet creates variety which means you will not over eat or feel like you are famished.

Five food plans are included. The Primer Plan for beginners, The Lifestyle Phase 1 Plan for beginner and intermediate dieters, The Lifestyle Phase 2 Plan for fat burning, The Extreme Plan for body builders and The Ultimate Plan for those obsessed with fitness. You will eat certain types of foods 5 times a day. You can have junk food at one meal every other day.

The diet has shown promising results on increasing the life span of animals involved in research. Staying on the diet will be easier because it only requires one day of dieting.

The EODD plan means that you have one day of eating regular food and one day of eating light. The day where you eat light consists of 300-400 calories. Check out our Diet Reviews for more info on the perfect diet for you!