How Can Exercise Reduce Your Blood Pressure?

If you are concerned about your blood pressure being high, which is also called hypertension, you are probably asking yourself what you can do about it. Well, no guidance on medical matters could be complete without the get-out phrase of telling you to chat about it with your doctor first, so now that we have got that out of the way, there are several things that you can do that your GP will not argue with.

The first is to lose weight by means of a prudent diet, if you are overweight. Cut down on salt and eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. The second is to quit smoking, the third is to not imbibe so much alcohol and the fourth, the subject of this article, is to take more exercise. Exercise will help you reduce weight and it will also reduce your blood pressure.

Blood pressure tends to increase with age and age has a tendency to coincide with a less active job, as you are promoted into the office and a less dynamic home life as the kids are older and have probably left home. If you let watching TV take over from walking as your foremost kind of entertainment, the chances are that you will develop hypertension.

The fact is, that you should be getting more exercise as you become older not less. Exercising will not only reduce your hypertension, but avoiding hypertension will also reduce your likelihood of having a stroke and getting kidney disease. Exercising is a medium to long term strategy, because the premise of the strategy is to fortify the heart. Exercising will cause your heart to beat faster which will make it more powerful.

A stronger heart will have less trouble pumping your blood around. Exercise can reduce your blood pressure by ten points or ten millilitres. Exercise can not just reduce your hypertension, but it can prevent you from procuring it.

If you have let yourself go, be wary of exercising too strenuously at the beginning. Do not put excessive strain on your heart for the first few of months. What can you do? Well, walking or swimming is a good beginning. Most doctors would agree that hiking only thirty minutes every morning and thirty minutes each evening can make a huge difference to your heart and your blood pressure.

You can walk in the open air or if that is not convenient, you could buy a walking machine. After a few of months, you will be fit enough to take on more strenuous exercises like yoga or going to a gym.

If you are concerned about over doing it, you should join a gym where someone will keep an eye on you or even think up a routine for you. A home blood pressure monitor is a useful device to have. The best type to get is the fully automatic digital monitor with a self-inflating cuff. If you buy one that has a memory, you can easily evaluate your progress at reducing your hypertension.

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