How Diabetes Affect The Body

Diabetes is a disease that causes high blood sugar in the sufferer. This is because of their body’s failure to make or respond to insulin. There are numerous kinds of Diabetes but all are manageable and allow patients the chance to live a relatively regular life by injecting insulin. In addition to monitoring your blood sugar levels, Diabetics must also screen organs that the condition typically damages. If you want to know how does Diabetes affect your body other than the increased blood sugar, keep reading.

Many Diabetes sufferer develop chronic eye diseases brought on by their condition. The eye contains a number of blood vessels which the Diabetes can attack causing severe inflammation. The result is poor vision due to blood leakage of the weak vessels. Because there are no major symptoms at first, Diabetics are often periodically tested by their Doctors for eye problems.

Like in the eye, blood vessels in the kidney of a diabetes sufferer are prone to become weak and leaky. When the vessels weaken they leak protein out of the body through the urine and put a lot of stress on the organ’s remaining blood vessels. This leads to serious problems and may even result in the need for a kidney transplant. Because of the prevalence of this problem, patients are required to have their kidney screened regularly for any problems.

The increased blood sugar caused by the disease can cause an obstruction and damage the vessels in your heart too. The obstructions generally leads to a serious infarction or stroke. If left untreated, the weak blood vessels can lead to bad circulation. This usually leads to major infections and amputations of the lower limbs in many Diabetic sufferers.

The human body’s nerves that allow for pain and temperature, among other feelings, are prone to become damaged and weakened due to Diabetes. A large percentage of Diabetics can suffer from lower limb nerve damage. This causes tingling and decreased feeling of the limbs. To prevent injuries and amputation of their legs, Diabetics are screened yearly by their doctors for nerve damage.

A Diabetics top concern is usually their legs due to the increased chance of them suffering from serious nerve damage. Due to their decreased sensation, injuries are more likely to go unnoticed which can lead to a number of serious infections. Their nerves responsible for feeling are damaged by Diabetes.

Weight loss is another serious side effect that Diabetes can have on the human body. The increased blood sugar in Type 1 sufferers can cause a significant weight loss in some people. This symptom is often what alerts a doctor who is treating someone who is an undiagnosed Diabetic. Although it is bothersome, the weight loss and the disease that causes it can be managed adequately with proper diet changes.

Lastly, patients with Diabetes have a lot of problems to be concerned about besides their insulin levels. Their kidneys, eyes, weight, and lower limbs are all prone to severe damage. To hinder serious injuries and contamination, patients need to go to regular screenings with their doctors of these organs to make sure that everything is okay.

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