Important Uses of Omega – 3 Fish Oil Supplements.

Why do we need supplements?

As we all know, as we start aging our bodies go through the aging process, losing its vitality and vigor which we had in plenty in our youth. So it becomes essential to supplement the essential vitamins and minerals that our body needs to maintain its health and vigor, like iron, calcium, multi-vitamin and omega fatty acids. Such supplements are recommended form the ages of 35 and above so that your body does not face the deficiency before being replenished, but carries on as usual. Poly unsaturated acids like the ALA, EPA and the DHA help the body to maintain the healthy cholesterol, the so called ‘good cholesterol’. The benefits of these acids came to light in the studies of the Inuit tribe and the Eskimos who traditionally consume lots of fats from seafood, yet maintained good health with no cholesterol issues or coronary diseases or blood pressure.

Benefits of Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements acids

Further research by the FDA has shown that the omega 3 fatty acids reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases though the other health benefits are not acknowledged by the FDA. However, some other governmental agencies have acknowledged the benefits brought by the omega 3 acids to the developments of nerves and eyes and the brain in humans. As much as just 1% of one’s diet consumed as Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements fatty acids has shown remarkable difference in the development of renal functions and dermal integrity in young children. The n-3 and the n-6 acids compete with each other to be converted into eicosanoids and then end up as enzymes and help in metabolism. This competition and its resultant thromboxane have been proved to lead to the clumping of platelets, and thereby thrombosis. And the leukotrienes were found to lead to asthma and bronchitis. Other health benefits accruing from the consumption of omega 3 acids like AHA, DHA and EPA are stimulation of blood circulation which helps people with varicose veins, helps in regulating blood pressure and also to control and prevent heart attacks. And some people with rheumatoid arthritis and cardiac arrhythmias have benefited from these oil supplements.

Some more benefits

Some studies have found evidence of patients with clinical depression improving after taking Omega-3 Fish Oil acids supplements. However some question the correlation and the findings of the study and so cannot b e considered as conclusive evidence. Another recent study has also found evidence of the omega 3 fatty acids inhibiting the growth of malignant cells in cancer patients. The AMA has reported in its journal that the claims of curing cancer are not verified, but the acids help in prevention of cancer more effectively. Similarly ischemic cardiac problems can be prevented with regular supplements of AHA, EPA and DHA acids. In 2007, research has conclusively proved the effectiveness of E-EPA in preventing the occurrences of coronary events. It has also been proved that the omega 3 acids help in immunity development in infants. And studies claim to have found promise in the omega acids to control or prevent Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

Quick Recap The Important uses of Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements are: * Maintains the healthy cholesterol. * Fish Oil Supplement fatty acids has shown remarkable difference in the development of renal functions and dermal integrity in young children. * Consume lots of fats from seafood.