New Lease of Life through Advanced Liver and Kidney Transplant

New Lease of Life through Advanced Liver and Kidney Transplantation

Human body consists of several biological systems that carry out specific functions which are quite critical for sustaining human life. These functions are conducted by several organs like brain, heart, lungs, liver
and kidney. Each organ is a recognizable construction that performs its own specific functions, which are quite essential for the well being of the human body.

The human body is extremely well designed, the organs carry the great ability to fight the unwanted elements that may affect their working, but sometimes some acute diseases can cause damage to these organs after which these organs cannot functions properly and need to be replaced. Liver and kidneys are two of the vital organs of the human body. It is nearly impossible for the human body to function properly when these organs are not working properly. They serve many critical functions including removing of harmful elements, enhance metabolic structure to support the cells of the body, help in detoxification and performs synthesis of many important proteins and enzymes. The liver has an incredible capability of regenerating the dead or damaged tissue, more than two thirds of the liver must be destroyed before serious consequences occur, whereas in the case of kidney even if one fails a person can usually live with the other one.

Sometimes due to some reasons like injury or severe infections these key organs can stop functioning without giving any priors symptoms. If medication fails to revive these all-important organs then the only possible way of survival is through an immediate transplant. When a doctor determines that the patient is eligible for a transplant then the foremost step is to look for a possible donor. Transplantation is regarded as a compound surgery which requires high-level care with highly skilled physicians who are focused on the distinctive needs of these complex patients as the patients with combined liver kidney transplant are more prone to bacterial infections and transfusion requirements. There are many premier transplant centers in India, which are renowned for excellence in combined liver and kidney transplant programs through the world.

These centers of excellence in transplantation provide clinical expertise in combined liver and kidney transplant under one roof for their patients as to ensure the best possible outcome of treatment during pre and post transplantation. These eminent centers possess a team of world-class doctors, researchers and clinicians who focus their very ability on preventing, diagnosing, treating and curing patients through technologically superior and advanced modules. The centers have a well-qualified and extremely experienced team of physicians, who have access to the latest equipment and are capable to provide unique medical services that meet the highest standards. An interdisciplinary treatment philosophy and modern surgical techniques are the key elements of their treatment, the dedicated team aims at providing their patients with the highest levels of counseling, care and professional expertise. These eminent combined liver and kidney transplant programs are among the very best in the world and offer high success rates and better patient outcome. The procedure of liver and kidney transplant can be a life changing experience for those who are suffering with severe failure of liver and kidneys. A healthy kidney and liver means freedom from dialysis, multiple injections and blood transfusions.

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My dad has been home two months –60 days and now he will get his Medicare Hospital Days reset —60 + 30 = 90. So he will get his 90 Medicare Hospital days back.
On Thursday, May 19th we celebrated seven years post kidney transplant. The past year has been a major challenge once the West Nile Virus showed up but we made it and pulled through!
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